Jug Waterers


  • Open bowl design
  • Draw Tube for natural drinking action
  • Drain plug for easy cleaning
  • High capacity anti siphon float valve
  • Sledge hammer tough, molded plastic construction
  • Inspection cover for easy access to valve
  • External Adjustment Screw for water level adjustment
  • One, two, and four bowl models available
  • Energy-Free models for warmer climates
  • Energy-Efficient models for cold, cold winters


  • Clean, clean, clean
  • Low energy use
  • No balls, lids, flaps, or discs for animals to move
  • Animals drink naturally and adapt quickly
  • Feed trap design keeps food debris out of the tank
  • Stays open even through the coldest winters
  • Many options and accessories to suit your needs
  • Perfect for the littlest lamb or the biggest bull

How it Works

The JUG is a heavy insulated, tough, livestock waterer that provides clean, cool water to your animals. It is well suited for herbivores of all sizes. The open-bowl design makes it easy to use by young sheep, goats, calves and foals, yet rugged enough for use by mature cattle, horses, bison, and elk. There are no balls, lids, or flaps for animals to move out of the way.

The unique draw tube works like a giant straw – the animal uses its normal method of drinking by placing its muzzle over the opening in the drinking bowl and sucking up the water, just as it would drink from a natural watering hole. Surrounding the draw tube is a feed trap that prevents feed debris that falls off of the animals’ mouths from entering the reservoir, keeping the water in the tank exceptionally clean. An external adjustment screw allows you to easily raise or lower the water level in the drinking bowl.

jug and buffalo
Durable enough for bison.
jug and buffalo
Large reservoir for feedlots
jug and buffalo
Even an emu!
jug and buffalo
Low profile for goats
jug and buffalo
jug and buffalo
More horses.
jug and buffalo
Another horse!
jug and buffalo
Oregon State University Bull Test Station
jug and buffalo
Even young lambs can reach.


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