Edstrom Hog Cooling

Typical Installation for Swine Cooling

Normal recommendations are to wet the animals for a short period of time, 0.5 to 3.0 minutes, to wet the skin. After the Shower or Dripper shuts off, the water is evaporated from the pigs by the normal ventilation system in the facility. The evaporation (Interval Time) cycle is normally set for a period of 5.0 to 10.0 minutes, before the wetting cycle is repeated.

Spray-Cool Systems are designed for use in swine finishing units or group gestation buildings, where the animal has the opportunity to get showered if desired. A Drip-Cool System is used in a farrowing room or crated gestation facilities, where it is important to direct the water onto the individual sow while avoiding excess moisture in the surrounding area.

1. Location of Spray-Cool Shower Nozzles
The Shower Nozzle should be located in the dunging area with attention paid to feeder location. It is best for coverage to reach from sidewall to sidewall in each pen. The height of the nozzle will determine the coverage area.

2. Location of Drip-Cool Nozzles
The individual Drip Nozzle or Mister Nozzle should be located to direct the water onto the front shoulder area of the sow (see photo above). Each nozzle should be secured so that it does not move and can not be reached by the animal. The Mister Nozzle should be positioned to cover as much of the sow as possible from the neck area back.

3. Plumbing Arrangement
The plumbing arrangement will depend on the quantity and type of nozzles being installed, as well as the water flow capacity of your facility. Multiply the number of nozzles by the nozzles’ rated capacity to obtain the total water flow-rate required for the facility.

For Spray-Cool Systems, select the system based on the size of your facility, the total number of Spray Nozzles you will be operating, and the number of Electric Valves you need to use. An Electric Valve/Filter Assembly can normally supply up to 20 Spray Nozzles, as explained in the following guidelines. The C-110S Controller operates a single Electric Valve.

If your facility requires more than 20 nozzles, you will want to divide the plumbing into zones of 20 nozzles or less, each served by an individual Electric Valve/Filter Assembly. The C-440S Controller must be used to operate multiple Electric Valves; it will actuate them in sequence, thereby reducing the momentary water demand.

For Drip-Cool systems, up to 480 Drip Nozzles can be supplied by a single Electric Valve/Filter/Pressure Reducer Assembly. Keep the length of the Distribution Lines as short as possible. The maximum recommended length of branch Distribution Line is 100 feet from the Electric Valve/Filter/Pressure Reducer Assembly to the end of the line. In large facilities requiring multiple branches of Distribution Lines, mount the Electric Valve/Filter/Pressure Reducer Assembly centrally and branch out from it. All Distribution Lines in a system should be level and installed at equal heights.

4. Location for the Controller
The EDSTROM Controller should be located where it will be easy for the operator to view and make program adjustments.

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