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Freeze Guard Post Waterer
8/1/13 The Freeze Guard is back in production!! Complete Freeze Guard Units are NOW available again.


The Freeze Guard Post waterer was the original agricultural product line of Noland Manufacturing. It has been a favorite of hog farmers since 1975. I first used the product on my 4-H and FFA swine project in 1977 on our farm in Marshall County, Iowa. 
   The Freeze Guard has a low wattage heating element in it, controlled by an air sensitive thermostat to use a bare minimum of electricity each winter. A common set up may also have a series of Freeze Guards watering a complete "Cargill" Style finishing floor.
   Use the Freeze Guard to water swine in outdoor confinement systems with minimal water waste. The Freeze Guard can also be used to water sheep and goats.

Watering Hogs

The typical installation is in a fence line. The model shown is an AB model that has two nipple heights 10" apart. This allows younger pigs to use the fountain from weaning all the way to market.

Watering Sheep or Goats

The Freeze Guard can also be used to water sheep and goats. We recommend using the Edstrom Trainer nipple when watering sheep and goats with a Freeze Guard.